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Loreee 6 years ago
Did anyone else find that her voice sounds like spongebob crying
Cherise 6 years ago
Gandalf 9 years ago
And out of his screams they heard two words: baggins and shire. And that is how gollum was tortured
No! 8 years ago
This is real punishment. I don't like it. It's... Fuck you!
At least 11 years ago
She dies completely in bliss of pleasure ;}
Lmfao 3 years ago
3 vibrators? How can we amp this up.... let’s add 4 more and just smack them against her vagina
So sad 11 years ago
She died soon after.
A man. 11 years ago
Men will never experience this pleasure..
Lisexy8816 (MFC) 3 years ago
The sounds make no sense of not seeing the whole thing. It's more annoying than pleasurable like she agreed to fucken do this and what's up with her being wet and the gargles?!?! Maybe it's just me but I've had 11 orgasms straight within 30mins on the highest intensity level and never sounded like this once...also guess why I don't want Asian porn too lol
playtime 11 years ago
This is crazzzy